The Heart Leader Academy

For mentors, practitioners and professionals who want to master the 9 skills of Heart Leadership 🔥

What is the Heart Leader Academy?

The Heart Leader Academy is Gabriel Gonsalves' online learning portal for Spiritually-Based Mentors, Wellness Practitioners, and Business Professionals who want to master the Nine Skills of Heart Leadership so that they can become the highest possible version of themselves, lead others more powerfully and create a bigger impact in the world.

Our Core Training Programs

We currently offer the following group learning programs:

The Heart Warrior

A 3-month transformational group program for someone who wants to attain a high level of Emotional Self-Mastery, heal their heart, embrace their shadows, and communicate with others from a vulnerable and compassionate space.

The Heart Leader

A 9-month transformational group program designed to help you build the consciousness of a Heart Leader. A Heart Leader is someone who leads, coaches, guides, and supports others through their own personal transformation from a place of courage, compassion, kindness, and love.

All programs are delivered online via our Virtual Classroom platform and include access to several online courses and a private community group where you can connect with other participants.

Courses, Workshops & Seminars

We also offer several stand-alone courses, online workshops and seminars on topics such as: Heart-Centered Living, Manifesting from the Heart, Compassionate Communication, Emotional Healing, Emotional Self-Mastery, and the Path of Personal Christhood. Once you join, you'll be able to enroll in the stand alone courses separately. 

Membership Programs

There are two ways in which you may join the Academy, as a Free Member or as a Heart Mastery Circle Member. 

The Basic Membership (Free)

Our Basic Membership is always free and includes:

  • Access to the Member’s Resource Library - A collection of articles, guided meditations, videos and online courses to help keep you inspired, growing and learning
  • Weekly Guided Meditation - A mid-week, heart-grounding guided meditation and fireside chat with Gabriel live-streamed via YouTube Live
  • Yearly Heart Start Program - A year-end review, reflect and planning process to help you start the new year fresh and energized

The Heart Mastery Circle 

A premium membership program for anyone interested in learning the Foundational Principles and Practices of Heart Centered Living and creating deep, meaningful changes in all key areas of life. It is for you if you're someone who enjoys connecting with others in small circles that encourage intimacy, connection and heart-direction. 

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 7-Week Course 'Foundations of Heart-Centered Living’ - Learn the principles and practices of Heart Mastery and develop a 28-day implantation plan that will allow you to fully embody them in your every day life
  • Weekly Learning Circles - Facilitated by alumni of The Heart Leader Program, each circle meets for a period of 8 weeks and is designed to help you grow in a particular area of life and connect more deeply with others
  • Monthly Masterclass - Each masterclass is filled with high value content and actionable advice to support you along your path of Heart Mastery 
  • Invitation to Exclusive Events - Access to member's only group calls, and special events
  • Special Discounts - Special discounts to live seminars and online weekend retreats

The Heart Mastery Circle subscription fee is USD $45/mont or $450/year.  There's no long term commitment and you may cancel at any time. 

Ready to Join the Academy?

If you'd like to join our learning community, your next step is to join the Basic Membership. To do this, simply click on 'Request to Join' and follow the sign-up instructions. You'll be asked a series of questions so that we can learn a little about you and ensure you're in the right place.

Once your Basic Membership is approved, you'll receive an email notification with further instructions to set up your member profile and information on how to find your way around our site. 

As a Basic Member, you'll then be able to join the Heart Mastery Circle Membership or register for any of our self-paced online courses.

We look forward to getting to know you and supporting you along the path towards your highest potential!

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